Your Trusted Valuation Partner Kanassure Valuations 01 When companies require an objective and independent assessment of value, they look to Kanassure Valuations chevron_left chevron_right Valuation of Tangible Assets Real Estate Valuation 02 Real estate valuation is a rigorous, nuanced and complex process that can have a significant impact on key business activities like financial and tax reporting, investment asset selection and closing a sale. chevron_left chevron_right Valuation of Industrial Assets, Plant & Machinery Valuation of tangible Assets 03 Plant, Machinery & Equipment’s are tangible assets i.e. physical and measurable assets that are used in operations of a company. chevron_left chevron_right Valuation of Intangible Assets Company specializes in the Valuation of Intangible Assets, Brand, Intellectual Property 04 KANASSURE has the expertise to help clients estimate and assign the value to their Intangible assets using valuation approaches and methodologies which are well recognized. chevron_left chevron_right Aircraft Appraisal Company specializes in the business of providing Aircraft Valuation Services 05 An aircraft appraisal is an unbiased opinion of the value of your aircraft and its current condition. chevron_left chevron_right Corporate Advisory Ideal solution in a practical, qualitative and cost-effective manner. 06 An umbrella term that encompasses specialized advice's rendered to corporate houses by professional advisers. chevron_left chevron_right scroll 06

We Provide Valuation Services

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Who We Are?

Kanassure is the organisation that protects, restore and maximise value for clients in the area of valuation. We work with clients across diverse sectors, mitigating risk to assets, operations.

Our team differentiates ourselves in our commitment to question assumptions, be the independent eye, critically analyse facts and tell our clients what they need to know to make sound decisions. Kanassure cuts through completely and creates clarity for our clients to ensure compliance, reduce risk, overcome emerging challenges and enhance value.

We are a team of dedicated professionals seasoned by experience & rich by expertise drawn from various fields, supported by dedicated and experience staff. Kanassure is a consortium of engineers,management professionals, finance and legal imparting the necessary cutting edge practice .Our team of professionals really add value to clients rather than simply consulting.We put team work innovation and passion to achieve a level of perfection upto the satisfaction of clients even striving to go an extra mile for our clients.

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Our Services

Valuation of Tangible Assets

Valuation is the process of determining the economic value of a business or company.

Valuation of Intangible Assets

The asset approach to business valuation is based on the principle of substitution.

Valuation under Insolvency & bankruptcy

We are providing services as per the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 to the industry.

Chartered Engineer

EPCG License import of second hand plant and machinery per container Pre-shipment.

Lenders Engineers

Project monitoring cost segregation & analysis of expenses approval verification.

Our Experience In Different Sectors

IT & ITES Sector

Financial Services

Automobile Industry

Infrastructure Sector

Why Choose Us?

Kanassure is one of the top valuation companies in India. We have been working with a diverse clientele and rendering a range of services, including business valuation services India, startup valuation services India, etc. to all of them. Besides, we also are the leading valuation advisory firm in India. Here are some reasons that make us the top valuation firms in India.

  • Experienced valuation professionals with 20 years of experience in handling diverse clientele.
  • Professionals always stay updated with the latest accounting standards and amendments.
  • Use of the most appropriate valuation techniques to ensure the highest accuracy levels.
  • A broad range of services, including fundamental analysis, market analysis, sector analysis, etc.
  • The urge to help small businesses grow amidst the competition.
  • An exclusive focus on helping the company achieve the desired results.
  • Long-running and strong relations with international agencies and organizations.
  • Assurance of fully compliant and sustainable valuation services.

Business valuation is critical to every business and every company, regardless of its size and business nature. If you are looking forward to India’s best business valuation services, connect with Valuation India.

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