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We are Air Appraisal Company specializes in the business of providing Aircraft Valuation Services. We conduct appraisals on all types of aircraft, from fixed wing single engine piston aircraft, to business jets, to airliners; Our clients include large financial institutions, local banks, corporations, law firms, flight schools, insurance companies, and individual buyers and sellers. Our appraisal reports conform to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

We are Aircraft Valuation Specialists.

What We Do

We provides Aircraft Valuation Services to suit the needs of our clients. Our Senior Appraisers provide Certified Appraisal Reports, Desktop Appraisals, Collateral Verification, and Aircraft Records Audits. Our services have also expanded beyond the scope of valuation services to include Aircraft Acquisition, Expert Witness, and Consulting Services. If you have a need for expertise in any of these areas, we would be happy to discuss your specific situation and explain how Air Appraisal Company can help.

Process of certified appraisal

A Certified Appraisal involves a physical examination of the subject aircraft and its records. The appraiser certifies through his own due diligence that the appraised value is accurate based on information obtained first hand. While other forms of appraisals rely on aircraft specifications provided by outside sources, a Certified Appraisal leaves no doubt as to the accuracy of the information used to determine market value. This type of appraisal allows the appraiser to document the condition of the airframe, paint, and interior of the aircraft with detailed digital photos which are included in the body of the summary appraisal report. The on-site inspection also gives the appraiser an opportunity to thoroughly review the aircraft logbooks, and the ability to determine the quality of maintenance history as well as the presence of any past or present damage to the aircraft. This type of appraisal produces the most accurate and detailed appraisal report.

Types of Appraisal/Valuations

Desktop appraisal:

Desktop appraisal do not involve a physical inspection of the aircraft or review of maintenance records. It is based on assumed aircraft condition and information provided to the appraiser. A desktop appraisal value is typically based upon a mid time, midlife aircraft.

Extended desktop appraisal/Valuation:

Extended desktop aircraft appraisal include consideration of maintenance status information provided to the appraiser by the owner or operator. It does not include any inspection of the aircraft or maintenance records..

Full appraisal/valuation:

Full aircraft appraisals include an inspection of the aircraft and its maintenance records and are in compliance with internationally recognised uniform standard s of professional appraisal practices(USPAP). This inspection is aimed solely at determining the over all condition of the aircraft and records to support the opinion of the appraiser

Aircraft Acquisition

Finding the right aircraft is a time consuming and involved process. Air Appraisal Company can make the process easy for you by acting as your  sale & purchase consultant. We will do all of the legwork and provide the best possible options – you make the decisions.

Why Us ?
  • Because we specializes in aircraft values, we are able to provide you with the advantage of knowledge of the most recent market trends for the specific aircraft model that you are seeking. We will negotiate the best sale/ purchase price with the most recent market data.
  • We have access to the entire market for the specific aircraft model that you wish to sale/ purchase, including aircraft that may not be publicly listed.
  • You will be working with us who has  an Accredited Senior Appraiser with ASA, as well as a Senior Appraiser with the NAAA. Although we will not be acting in the capacity of “appraiser” for this service, it does guarantee that a professionally trained aircraft appraiser will be representing your interests when selecting an aircraft based on current market conditions.